Board Member Spotlight

Sharon McClernan

Carroll Hospital a Lifebridge Health Ctr.
McDonald’s- Westminster
My mom was a nurse. I admired her dedication to her work and wanted to follow in her footsteps. I became a nurse and quickly learned that there are so many opportunities for nurses in healthcare!
Developing our population health programing- working to keep our patients healthy in our community
There are way too many to pick one! We have many great local businesses from restaurants to shopping!
I support many local organizations, however on a personal note, one of my favorites is Target Community Services. As the parent of a special needs adult- I admire the work that this organization does and the services they provide. On a professional note- Access Carroll. This is a GEM in our community providing medical, behavioral and dental health services in one location, serving our most vulnerable population in Carroll County.
Camping, playing with my grandchildren and spending time with my husband and family
Professionally, I enjoyed The Fiefdom Syndrome by Bob Herbold. This is a book discusses how fiefdoms can compromise a company’s effectiveness—as well as show what managers, companies, and individuals can do to break up fiefdoms and conquer the turf wars and focus on organizational goals. On a personal note, I love a good James Patterson book!
“I Hope You Dance”- Leanne Womack. I’m all about encouraging others to dance and not sit it out!
Always- “Pay it forward”. I’ve been very fortunate throughout my life. I encourage others to always pay it forward.
Being a Chamber member helps me to understand the unique needs of business throughout Carroll County. Healthcare is a very different business, so this gives me an opportunity to understand how businesses outside of healthcare operate.