Legislative Session 2023

Check this site often for updates and actions taken during the Maryland General Assembly session beginning in January. Click the title to read the Chamber’s position letter.

Website for the Maryland General Assembly

The Chamber’s Legislative Committee meets weekly to  review up coming bills.  If there is pending legislation that you feel should be brought to the committee’s attention please contact Mike at 410-848-9050.

Bill NumberSubject of BillPosition
HB 0017Retail Establishments - Seating for EmployeesOppose
HB 0490Residential Service Agencies - Employee RegistryOppose
HB 0349Maryland Fair Scheduling ActOppose
HB 0091Environment – Recycling – HotelsOppose
HB 0494Private Sector - Right to WorkSupport
Bill NumberSubject of BillPosition
SB 0081
State Minimum Wage - Acceleration (Fight for Fifteen)
SB 0214
Employment - Harassment and Intimidation - Reporting (Workplace Psychological Safety Act)
SB 0230
Residential Services Agences - Employee Registry
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